professional book writing and publishing serVICES for children

Every Child has a Unique Perspective. It is our job to let their Creativity Flourish. 

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did you know?
getting a book published for your child can significantly enhance their self-confidence, CREATIVITY, writing skills and help THEM differentiate themselves for future collgege and job applICATIONS?

Imagine your child introducing themselVES
as a published author. What is that life-long
confidence and self-belief worth to you?

All they need is expert guidance and right support to express their ideas.

Advantages of Having a Published Book for Your Child

Publishing a book can be a major confidence booster for kids. It provides them with a sense of achievement and encourages them to pursue further goals. It can also increase their empathy and emotional intelligence as they explore character development and narrative empathy in their storytelling.

Teens (Ages 13-18):
Older kids can focus on refining their voice, exploring deeper themes, and gaining an understanding of professional writing. It can also be a significant addition to college applications and resumes.
Preteens (Ages 9-12):
Children benefit from the improvement of writing skills, research habits, and the ability to organize complex thoughts. Publishing a book can boost their confidence and sense of accomplishment.
Life-Long Benefits:
Having a published book can open opportunities for public speaking, interviews, and participation in literary events, which are excellent for personal growth and networking.

How Publishing a Book Can Help Children Differentiate Themselves?

1. Educational and Intellectual Perception:

  • Academic Advantage: Having a published book at a young age is a noteworthy achievement that can enhance a child's academic profile. It demonstrates initiative, dedication, and the ability to complete a substantial project.
  • Scholarships and Opportunities: This unique accomplishment can be highlighted in applications for scholarships, advanced educational programs, and even while applying to colleges.

2. Personal Development:

  • Boost in Self-Esteem and Confidence: Successfully publishing a book can significantly boost a child's self-esteem. It validates their abilities and can empower them to take on new challenges.
  • Skill Development: The process of writing and publishing enhances various skills such as writing, research, critical thinking, and time management.

3. Social Impact:

  • Leadership and Influence: Published young authors can become role models for their peers. They might be invited to speak at events, participate in workshops, or lead school activities, positioning them as leaders among their peers.
  • Networking: Engaging with publishers, literary agents, and participating in book fairs can help children build a network of professional contacts that can be valuable throughout their careers.

4. Career Implications:

  • Resume Builder: A book publication is a powerful addition to any resume or job application, indicating creativity, persistence, and the ability to execute a complex project.
  • Foundation for Future Endeavors: For those interested in careers in writing, journalism, publishing, or even public speaking, having a published book as a child sets a solid foundation.

These factors combined make publishing a book a distinctive achievement that can differentiate a child significantly in various spheres.

we will support your child throughout the prOCESS with dedicated zoom sessions and one-on-ONE workshops.

list of services provided from start to finish

Concept Development

Guiding children to refine their book idea and structure their story.

Writing Assistance

Providing workshops or one-on-one coaching to help children write their manuscript.

Editing and Proofreading

Making sure the text is clear, grammatically correct, and age-appropriate.


Offering illustration services to bring the stories to life visually, which is especially important for books aimed at younger children.

Formatting and Design

Preparing the book for publication with professional layout and design.

ISBN Registration and Copyright

Handling the legalities of book publishing.  Setting up the Amazon listing

Post-Publication Support

Offering advice on promoting the book and setting up book readings or signings.

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